Mister Maker
Bubble Wrap Cactus

To make this, you will need...

Gloopy Glue Paint Pipe Cleaners
Sticky Tape Bubble Wrap Plastic Plant Pot

Take five squares of bubble wrap and place one of them on the table, bubble side down.

Get a pipe cleaner, put it at the bottom edge and stick it with sticky tape.

Roll it up to the end but leave a little space for some glue. Do this with two more squares of bubble wrap to make three bubble wrap rolls.

Put glue on the bottom half of each bubble wrap roll and stick them together.

Scrunch another square of bubble wrap into a ball and put it inside the plant pot, gluing it with a splodge of glue.

Put the cactus in the plant pot and with some more bubble wrap fill in the space around the cactus.

Bend two of the rolls down and bend them up again.

Now make a painty mixture using green paint and glue.

Paint the cactus with the paint mixture. Then use some yellow paint to add some details.

And some brown paint for the soil...

And there you have your bubble wrap cactus!

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